Most Popular Clothing In The 1950s

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The 1950s has represented an important period for changes when it comes to fashion. During this period of time, numerous new fashionable clothing items have been released by some of the most popular designers of the era. Designers such as Dior and Chanel started to build their spectacular fashion empires, beginning to use the highest quality fabrics in their clothing. A new fashion style was out on the market and really everyone loved it.

The work that famous designers released during this period of time was absolutely unique. So, the 1950s style was much influenced by French fashion houses like Chanel, Givenchy and Dior. In this era some designs became slotspie more popular than others. Below you will find a list of the most popular clothing items that everyone used during this period.

1. Poodle skirt

The poodle skirt was without a doubt the most important part of the 1950s fashion. These skirts were named this way due to the poodle design they had inked on the bottom. White grey and pink were the most common colors for poodle skirts. However, you should know that these clothing items could easily be found in many other colors, as well. The poodle skirt was very simple to incorporate into a woman’s wardrobe, so there is no wonder that the style became so popular.


2. Rockabilly fashion

The rockabilly fashion became popular along with the musical style that dominated the 1950s. Musicians such as Elvis Presley or Buddy Holly created they own fashion trends. Black tee shirts, cuffed jeans, as well as full skirts became the most popular clothing items of the period. Everyone embraced the new style, along with rock&roll.


3. Pin-up fashion

Pin-up fashion also became extremely popular in the 1950s. This actually is a unique style formed by a combination between sexy and conservative fashion items. Tighter waists, but also lower necklines add a sexier look to women’s fashion.


Not only clothing items got a new style in the 1950s. We can surely say the same thing about shoes. High, thick heels remained popular a period of time, but soon they were replaced by formal shoes which were mostly round and peep-toed.

Having under consideration that all these new elements that entered in the 1950s fashion created a beautiful and quite exciting new style, there is no wonder it draw so many supporters. Fashion industry in the 1950s knew an impressive boom, growing in popularity each day.

Special Outfits For Girls

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When we think that fashion trends are forgotten, suddenly they come back when we expect less. From poodle skirts to hippie dresses, fashion of this century still keeps many older popular styles. Poodle skirts are popular again and they can be worn again combined with more modern accessories. Nonetheless, their charm is amazing.


Even girls love them. The fact they wear them it’s important because they have the opportunity to know more about the fashion trends that were in the past. These skirts are great for Halloween parties, as well as any other event. To create a great and retro outfit for your girl, you’ll need the following items:

  • Kid’s Cateye Glasses – fit most children 0-4 years, choose from black or light pink
  • Cinch Belt for the Little Ones- 2″ black elastic cinch belt with silver buckle in XXS 16-20″ waist or XS 20- 24″ waist
  • Children’s 50’s Poodle Skirt – Made of high quality acrylic felt for a more authentic 50’s look, with waist that fits, length is 11″

  • Source

  • Little Crinoline Petticoat Slip – waist fits 18-23″ length is 13″, choose from white, black, or pink
  • Small Chiffon Scarf – choose from black, light pink, or hot pink
  • Young Tike’s Bobby Socks – Poodle applique’s on white socks. Fit toddler shoe size 6-10 1/2. – Choose from black or light pink poodles
  • White Polo Shirt for Kiddies- Available in 3 baby/toddler sizes: 12 mo ONESIE, 2T or 4T


You can buy a poodle skirt at the Internet’s lowest prices. There is a wide variety of colours and sizes, so you’ll certainly find one skirt for your daughter and she’ll like it a lot.

Facts About Fashion In The 1950s

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Nowadays, fashion is an important part of the society. The way you dress, what you choose to wear and how you combine clothing items and accessories is absolutely crucial. Well, in the 1950s how people dressed was believed to be a reflection of their prosperity and aspirations.

The 1950s was an important period in the evolution of the fashion industry. This is the first time in history when fashion actually starts to matter. A new culture, a new style and emancipation best describe this era. The end of the war actually represented a change in perception when it comes to fashion.

After World War II a series of fashion houses opened in numerous locations throughout the world. For instance, Christian Dior fashion house opened now. Dior has been of the most influential fashion empires during this period.


Women’s fashion

Women’s fashion knew an important revival in the 1950s. Now, the feminine fragility is idealized, being best reflected through clothing. Women’s clothing during this period includes flowing skirts, jewel necklines, pastel or sherbet tones, but also body fitted clothing, soft shoulders and vivid colors. Tailored jackets, shirtdresses, corsets and bodices, as well as poodle skirts become extremely popular in women’s fashion in the 1950s.


Men’s fashion

Men’s fashion also knew a revival in the 1950s. However, it was still conservative, the businessman look becoming extremely popular during this period. The unwaisted, single-breasted suit in navy, brown or charcoal grey was worn with white collared shirt. Men’s sportswear becomes popular in the 1950s, as well.


Teen Style

An important fact that should be mentioned when referring to fashion in the 1950s is that now a new consumer market appears: the teenagers. Numerous clothing items are designed for teens, including the popular jeans, jackets and boots. Tight pants, sweaters and cardigans become extremely popular in the 1950s, as well.

Fashion in the 1950s is also characterized by the use of numerous accessories. Everything is feminine and glamorous now. Clothing items are popularized in magazine, movies and television, must-haves being launched when it comes to both male and female fashion.

The Popularity Of Poodle Skirts

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The poodle skirt is one of the main icons of the 1950s. These clothing items are fashionable, beautiful and really spectacular. Actually, 1950s fashion has brought numerous impressive changes.


Women fashion in the 1950s

In the 1950s women fashion has known quite an impressive revival. Fashion began to be characterized by tailored clothing, simple prints and the famous hourglass figure. This is the period of time when women are proud with their looks and figure, as well as with their style. Style becomes visible through clothing and accessories, which create unique looks.

Dresses were the most common items of clothing for girls in the 1950s. They were body fitted, available in bright colors and with simple prints. Some of the most popular colors during this period have been cherry red, navy, kelly green and sunny yellow. However, dresses were not the only popular clothing item for women. Skirts were also considered to be very fashionable. And poodle skirts were the trendiest ones.

In fact, the poodle skirt is considered to be the most iconic symbol of the 1950s fashion. During that time, most women owned at least one poodle skirt. Most commonly they came in bright pink and white. However, poodle skirts were also available in many other bright colors. The poodle applique was believed to be the perfect accessory.


The poodle skirt

The poodle skirt was mostly popular among young women. This clothing item was believed to be more suitable for teenage girls, but young women wore it, too. The popularity of the poodle skirt increased along with the newest musical style, naturally rock’n roll. The design of this skirt made it ideal for dancing to this music. Consequently, it became a must have among young women.

The first poodle skirt was designed in 1947 by a young actress turned into a successful fashion designer, Juli Lynne Charlot. The skirt was designed by Juli to be worn at a Hollywood party. Well, the project was so successful that Juli decided to launch an entire fashion collection inspired by it.


The poodle skirt was very simple to create by young girls at home, this aspect bringing an important contribution to increasing its popularity. Making your own poodle skirt is still simple. Even though there have passed more than 50 years since the poodle skirt trend was first launched, these models are still popular. Make your own poodle skirt and you will surely be pleased.

All You Should Know About Poodle Skirts

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Fashion has always been extremely important. Style, culture, as well as beliefs and revolutionary changes have always been expressed through clothing. There is no wonder after all that clothing styles specific to different periods have had different characteristics. During the 1950s, one of the most important elements of fashion was the poodle skirt. And 1950s fashion is definitely spectacular, representing the beginning of numerous new trends and the start of an amazing evolution in the fashion industry.


What are poodle skirts?

Poodle skirts are knee-length circle skirts worn over a crinoline. These clothing items were made from felt, mostly in numerous bright colors. The main characteristic of poodle skirts is that they had a collared animal, of course a poodle, applied on the front of the skirt. Even though poodle skirts could be found in all colors, the most common ones were white and pink.

To respect all the trends of the 1950s, poodle skirts could only be worn as part of an outfit that also included a cardigan, saddle shoes and a scarf. However, it is important to know that even though poodle skirts were most common in the 1950s, the idea was not actually new. The poodle skirt concept became popular during World War II. The first circle skirts were designed in the 1940s. In 1947 these designs included a whole circle with a felt applique. All skirts were sold immediately. And they became even more popular when these clothing items also included a dog applique.


As the model became very popular, even fashion magazines began promoting the trend. Magazines such as Vogue and Seventeen featured poodle skirts on their covers. However, you should know that at least at first, poodle skirts were mostly seen as clothing items for teens. This meant that the model could be used by little girls, too, but it was considered improper for any woman of an older age to wear a poodle skirt.


Even though there have passed many years since poodle skirts first appeared, their popularity has never paled. So, poodle skirts are popular nowadays, too. There is no wonder after all that they can be found in costume shops and numerous online stores. And they can be worn by women of all ages, as nowadays poodle skirts are not only meant to be worn by young women.