1950s Fashion: Women and Men Clothing

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1950s fashion was mostly influenced by French fashion, aspect which can easily be viewed in both women and men clothing. However, it is important to know that during this period of time fashion remained conservative, as well as the clothing items that people worn. Tradition gender roles were visible in clothing. Men impressed with impeccable suits in neutral colors, while women began wearing pastel dresses that were able to accentuate their curves.

In the 1950s the image of the perfect housewife was idolized, as well. Skin was shown at a minimum back then, but the female form and silhouette was put in value. Women started to impress with more glamorous looks.


Women’s clothing

Women’s clothing in the 1950s began looking feminine, but also seductive, elegant and glamorous. Skirts were extremely popular during this period. They were either full or pencil thin. Another extremely popular skirt during this period of time was the poodle skirt. Poodle skirts were actually the favorite clothing items of the 1950s teenage girls. Their popularity has never paled, these clothing items continuing to be loved by women from all over the world.

Even though skirts were the most important clothing item of the era, pants began being worn, too. Cropped pants were commonly worn when riding a bicycle. Rolled up jeans were also popular. Dresses included both formal and causal clothing items. Formal dresses were worn at special events, being commonly accessorized with white gloves and high heels. During this period of time dresses had short sleeves, no sleeves, but the halter-style that tied at the neck was also popular.

When it comes to shoes, women fashion in the 1950s included both high heels and the flat ballet slipper style. The saddle shoe or saddle Oxford was also popular with girls. Hats were must have accessories, while gloves were considered to be an extremely important fashion item. Handbags and jewelry complemented all outfits. All girls in the 1950s had short gloves for causal looks, long gloves for dresses and pearl jewelry. Scarves were another fashion accessory with a huge popularity.


Men’s clothing

Men’ clothing in the 1950s naturally was much simpler than women’s. Back then men dressed in a businesslike style at work, as well as at home. Elegant suits were the choice for special events and parties. A fashion item that was commonly worn by men in the 1950s was the Hawaiian shirt, but only on certain celebrations.

The most important aspect that describes 1950s fashion for men is the conservative look. Hats were the most important fashion accessory during those days. They were considered to be extremely stylish, accentuating the elegance of an outlook. Wing-tip shoes were preferred by men in the 1950s. Preppy was the most common look for men during that period of time. Cardigan sweaters, wool jackets and ties were always part of a man’s wardrobe.


Fashion in the 1950s was extremely colorful and really stylish. In fact, both men and women showed elegance and good taste when it comes to clothing items. The work that the most famous fashion designers released in this period is absolutely unique.