All You Should Know About Poodle Skirts

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Fashion has always been extremely important. Style, culture, as well as beliefs and revolutionary changes have always been expressed through clothing. There is no wonder after all that clothing styles specific to different periods have had different characteristics. During the 1950s, one of the most important elements of fashion was the poodle skirt. And 1950s fashion is definitely spectacular, representing the beginning of numerous new trends and the start of an amazing evolution in the fashion industry.


What are poodle skirts?

Poodle skirts are knee-length circle skirts worn over a crinoline. These clothing items were made from felt, mostly in numerous bright colors. The main characteristic of poodle skirts is that they had a collared animal, of course a poodle, applied on the front of the skirt. Even though poodle skirts could be found in all colors, the most common ones were white and pink.

To respect all the trends of the 1950s, poodle skirts could only be worn as part of an outfit that also included a cardigan, saddle shoes and a scarf. However, it is important to know that even though poodle skirts were most common in the 1950s, the idea was not actually new. The poodle skirt concept became popular during World War II. The first circle skirts were designed in the 1940s. In 1947 these designs included a whole circle with a felt applique. All skirts were sold immediately. And they became even more popular when these clothing items also included a dog applique.


As the model became very popular, even fashion magazines began promoting the trend. Magazines such as Vogue and Seventeen featured poodle skirts on their covers. However, you should know that at least at first, poodle skirts were mostly seen as clothing items for teens. This meant that the model could be used by little girls, too, but it was considered improper for any woman of an older age to wear a poodle skirt.


Even though there have passed many years since poodle skirts first appeared, their popularity has never paled. So, poodle skirts are popular nowadays, too. There is no wonder after all that they can be found in costume shops and numerous online stores. And they can be worn by women of all ages, as nowadays poodle skirts are not only meant to be worn by young women.