1950s Fashion: Women and Men Clothing

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1950s fashion was mostly influenced by French fashion, aspect which can easily be viewed in both women and men clothing. However, it is important to know that during this period of time fashion remained conservative, as well as the clothing items that people worn. Tradition gender roles were visible in clothing. Men impressed with impeccable suits in neutral colors, while women began wearing pastel dresses that were able to accentuate their curves.

In the 1950s the image of the perfect housewife was idolized, as well. Skin was shown at a minimum back then, but the female form and silhouette was put in value. Women started to impress with more glamorous looks.


Women’s clothing

Women’s clothing in the 1950s began looking feminine, but also seductive, elegant and glamorous. Skirts were extremely popular during this period. They were either full or pencil thin. Another extremely popular skirt during this period of time was the poodle skirt. Poodle skirts were actually the favorite clothing items of the 1950s teenage girls. Their popularity has never paled, these clothing items continuing to be loved by women from all over the world.

Even though skirts were the most important clothing item of the era, pants began being worn, too. Cropped pants were commonly worn when riding a bicycle. Rolled up jeans were also popular. Dresses included both formal and causal clothing items. Formal dresses were worn at special events, being commonly accessorized with white gloves and high heels. During this period of time dresses had short sleeves, no sleeves, but the halter-style that tied at the neck was also popular.

When it comes to shoes, women fashion in the 1950s included both high heels and the flat ballet slipper style. The saddle shoe or saddle Oxford was also popular with girls. Hats were must have accessories, while gloves were considered to be an extremely important fashion item. Handbags and jewelry complemented all outfits. All girls in the 1950s had short gloves for causal looks, long gloves for dresses and pearl jewelry. Scarves were another fashion accessory with a huge popularity.


Men’s clothing

Men’ clothing in the 1950s naturally was much simpler than women’s. Back then men dressed in a businesslike style at work, as well as at home. Elegant suits were the choice for special events and parties. A fashion item that was commonly worn by men in the 1950s was the Hawaiian shirt, but only on certain celebrations.

The most important aspect that describes 1950s fashion for men is the conservative look. Hats were the most important fashion accessory during those days. They were considered to be extremely stylish, accentuating the elegance of an outlook. Wing-tip shoes were preferred by men in the 1950s. Preppy was the most common look for men during that period of time. Cardigan sweaters, wool jackets and ties were always part of a man’s wardrobe.


Fashion in the 1950s was extremely colorful and really stylish. In fact, both men and women showed elegance and good taste when it comes to clothing items. The work that the most famous fashion designers released in this period is absolutely unique.

Most Popular Clothing In The 1950s

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The 1950s has represented an important period for changes when it comes to fashion. During this period of time, numerous new fashionable clothing items have been released by some of the most popular designers of the era. Designers such as Dior and Chanel started to build their spectacular fashion empires, beginning to use the highest quality fabrics in their clothing. A new fashion style was out on the market and really everyone loved it.

The work that famous designers released during this period of time was absolutely unique. So, the 1950s style was much influenced by French fashion houses like Chanel, Givenchy and Dior. In this era some designs became slotspie more popular than others. Below you will find a list of the most popular clothing items that everyone used during this period.

1. Poodle skirt

The poodle skirt was without a doubt the most important part of the 1950s fashion. These skirts were named this way due to the poodle design they had inked on the bottom. White grey and pink were the most common colors for poodle skirts. However, you should know that these clothing items could easily be found in many other colors, as well. The poodle skirt was very simple to incorporate into a woman’s wardrobe, so there is no wonder that the style became so popular.


2. Rockabilly fashion

The rockabilly fashion became popular along with the musical style that dominated the 1950s. Musicians such as Elvis Presley or Buddy Holly created they own fashion trends. Black tee shirts, cuffed jeans, as well as full skirts became the most popular clothing items of the period. Everyone embraced the new style, along with rock&roll.


3. Pin-up fashion

Pin-up fashion also became extremely popular in the 1950s. This actually is a unique style formed by a combination between sexy and conservative fashion items. Tighter waists, but also lower necklines add a sexier look to women’s fashion.


Not only clothing items got a new style in the 1950s. We can surely say the same thing about shoes. High, thick heels remained popular a period of time, but soon they were replaced by formal shoes which were mostly round and peep-toed.

Having under consideration that all these new elements that entered in the 1950s fashion created a beautiful and quite exciting new style, there is no wonder it draw so many supporters. Fashion industry in the 1950s knew an impressive boom, growing in popularity each day.

Facts About Fashion In The 1950s

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Nowadays, fashion is an important part of the society. The way you dress, what you choose to wear and how you combine clothing items and accessories is absolutely crucial. Well, in the 1950s how people dressed was believed to be a reflection of their prosperity and aspirations.

The 1950s was an important period in the evolution of the fashion industry. This is the first time in history when fashion actually starts to matter. A new culture, a new style and emancipation best describe this era. The end of the war actually represented a change in perception when it comes to fashion.

After World War II a series of fashion houses opened in numerous locations throughout the world. For instance, Christian Dior fashion house opened now. Dior has been of the most influential fashion empires during this period.


Women’s fashion

Women’s fashion knew an important revival in the 1950s. Now, the feminine fragility is idealized, being best reflected through clothing. Women’s clothing during this period includes flowing skirts, jewel necklines, pastel or sherbet tones, but also body fitted clothing, soft shoulders and vivid colors. Tailored jackets, shirtdresses, corsets and bodices, as well as poodle skirts become extremely popular in women’s fashion in the 1950s.


Men’s fashion

Men’s fashion also knew a revival in the 1950s. However, it was still conservative, the businessman look becoming extremely popular during this period. The unwaisted, single-breasted suit in navy, brown or charcoal grey was worn with white collared shirt. Men’s sportswear becomes popular in the 1950s, as well.


Teen Style

An important fact that should be mentioned when referring to fashion in the 1950s is that now a new consumer market appears: the teenagers. Numerous clothing items are designed for teens, including the popular jeans, jackets and boots. Tight pants, sweaters and cardigans become extremely popular in the 1950s, as well.

Fashion in the 1950s is also characterized by the use of numerous accessories. Everything is feminine and glamorous now. Clothing items are popularized in magazine, movies and television, must-haves being launched when it comes to both male and female fashion.

The Popularity Of Poodle Skirts

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The poodle skirt is one of the main icons of the 1950s. These clothing items are fashionable, beautiful and really spectacular. Actually, 1950s fashion has brought numerous impressive changes.


Women fashion in the 1950s

In the 1950s women fashion has known quite an impressive revival. Fashion began to be characterized by tailored clothing, simple prints and the famous hourglass figure. This is the period of time when women are proud with their looks and figure, as well as with their style. Style becomes visible through clothing and accessories, which create unique looks.

Dresses were the most common items of clothing for girls in the 1950s. They were body fitted, available in bright colors and with simple prints. Some of the most popular colors during this period have been cherry red, navy, kelly green and sunny yellow. However, dresses were not the only popular clothing item for women. Skirts were also considered to be very fashionable. And poodle skirts were the trendiest ones.

In fact, the poodle skirt is considered to be the most iconic symbol of the 1950s fashion. During that time, most women owned at least one poodle skirt. Most commonly they came in bright pink and white. However, poodle skirts were also available in many other bright colors. The poodle applique was believed to be the perfect accessory.


The poodle skirt

The poodle skirt was mostly popular among young women. This clothing item was believed to be more suitable for teenage girls, but young women wore it, too. The popularity of the poodle skirt increased along with the newest musical style, naturally rock’n roll. The design of this skirt made it ideal for dancing to this music. Consequently, it became a must have among young women.

The first poodle skirt was designed in 1947 by a young actress turned into a successful fashion designer, Juli Lynne Charlot. The skirt was designed by Juli to be worn at a Hollywood party. Well, the project was so successful that Juli decided to launch an entire fashion collection inspired by it.


The poodle skirt was very simple to create by young girls at home, this aspect bringing an important contribution to increasing its popularity. Making your own poodle skirt is still simple. Even though there have passed more than 50 years since the poodle skirt trend was first launched, these models are still popular. Make your own poodle skirt and you will surely be pleased.

Christian Dior

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Christian Dior is without a doubt the most influential fashion design of the 1950s. Actually, Dior dominated the fashion industry for decades, completely transforming the way fashion was seen, following World War II. Dior is the most influential fashion designer of the period, remaining for years one of the most famous and appreciated designers in the world.


Christian Dior was born in 1905, in Granville, France. He had five siblings. His father was a wealthy manufacturer, so the family lived in a beautiful home with spectacular views over the sea. The whole Dior family moved to Paris when Christian was only 5 years old.

Since his childhood Christian dreamed of becoming an architect. However, at the insistences of his father, the teenager decided to attend the prestigious Ecole des Sciences Politiques. While his parents hoped that Christian will have a successful career in politics, as a diplomat, he knew that what he wanted was to open an art gallery. His father supported this dream and so Christian opened Galerie Jacques Bonjean, which featured paintings by Picasso, Cocteau and Max Jacob.


Unfortunately, in 1931 the gallery closed as a consequence of the financial collapse of the family. The following years, Christian Dior survived by selling fashion sketches to major houses. He was then hired by Robert Piquet. During World War II, Dior was offered a job with Lucien Lelong, who dressed the wives of Nazi collaborators.

At the end of the War, Dior met Marcel Boussac and started to promote a new fashion style. The famous designer believed that the world was ready for a completely new fashion style after the War. Boussac launched the new fashion house, following Dior’s own style. His first show took place on 12 February, 1947, being an impressive success.


In his collection, Christian Dior included luxurious clothes with waspy waists and full flowing skirts. Dior was perfectly right to believe that people wanted a new approach when it comes to clothing after the War. In his new style, the famous designer brought femininity, elegance and beauty.


Soon Dior put Paris back on the fashion map. He started to create dresses and outfits for famous women, including Rita Hayworth and Margot Fonteyn. He slowly built his fashion empire, managing to compete with important names in the industry.

Throughout the 1950s, Christian Dior has been the biggest and the best haute couture house in Paris. He held two fashions shows a year, during which he presented more than 200 outfits.

Christian Dior died in 1957 of a heart attack after choking on a fish bone at dinner. Dior died in Italy, but the famous fashion designer was buried in Paris. Even though the popular designer died, his fame, as well as his fashion empire continues to exist. The first collection released after Dior’s death was a huge sensation. The collection was designed in only 21 weeks by Yves Saint Laurent.

With a very interesting life and a unique legacy, Dior is one of the most appreciated fashion designers in the world. The fashion empire he created continues to dress some of the most famous names in Hollywood, but not only.

Below you can find a photo gallery of some of the most impressive clothing pieces created by Dior fashion house throughout the years.

Christian Dior clothing

Christian Dior 2007 collection

Christian Dior 2009 collection

Christian Dior 2010 collection

Christian Dior Spring Collection 2011

Fashion Icons In The 1950s

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The 1950s are commonly described as the era of glamor, femininity and style. This also is the period of return to the European haute couture. New materials and designs were embraced in the 1950s, so there is no wonder after all that this period is believed to be the era of radical changes in fashion.

The 1950s is a period characterized by shirtwaist dresses, form-fitting wiggle skirts and ornate cardigan sweaters. This fun and really chic fashion trend dominated the 1950s and continued to be a major trend in the 1960s, too. Women such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor influenced fashion trends and actually created new styles. Here are the most famous fashion icons of the 1950s.

1. Marilyn Monroe

Even though Marilyn Monroe is not described as the best actress of her period, she surely is considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Her affairs have made Marilyn even more famous, but the star remains best known for her fashion influence.


Beautiful dresses, perfect accessories and feminine looks best describe the star. Marylin Monroe is without a doubt the most famous fashion icon of the 1950s, her style being adopted by women from all around the globe.


2. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn has always dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Instead, she became one of the most beautiful and appreciated actresses of the 1950s. The star is a fashion icon, too, thanks to her feminine and very chic outfits.


Even today, Audrey remains one of the world’s biggest fashion icons. The star has always appreciated Givenchy clothes, actually claiming that his clothes are the only ones in which she can be herself. The little back dress featured in Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a Givenchy design.


Below you can check out one of the most beautiful dresses Audrey has ever worn.


3. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty has always shocked. The talented actress’s outfits are glamorous, elegant and feminine. Actually, when it comes to style, Elizabeth has always been fearless.


In time, the star’s style became bolder. However, her elegant dresses will always remain popular and appreciated by both celebrities and women from all over the world, who try to recreate her looks.



Designers like Christian Dior made women’s fashion fun, sexy and chic. Actually, Christian Dior has the credit for the fashion of the 1950s. The famous designer launched elegant and sophisticated clothing that women just loved.

The most notable designers of the 1950s are Christian Dior, Jacques Fath, Hubert Givenchy, Cristobal Balenciaga and Coco Chanel. Each of these designers brought an important contribution to the clothing style specific to this era.

Major trends

Not many people seem to know this, but 1950s fashion was characterized by sexy swimsuits and bright colors. This is the time when a complex rebellion takes place in women’s fashion. Girls start wearing more revealing clothes. Form-fitting dresses are sexier, tighter and highlight women’s curves. Bright colors make them noticed by anyone. 

1950s fashion has an important influence on what we wear today, as well. Numerous celebrities, including Christina Aguilera and Scarlett Johansson, support the 1950s fashion and opt for the sexy and feminine style specific to this period.

Poodle Skirt Inspiration

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The poodle skirt is one of the fashion symbols of the 1950s. Although those times have past, the poodle skirts are still used in a variety of ways. From those wearing them just like any other skirt, to those using them as Halloween costumes… everyone still likes poodle skirts! The poodle skirt made a stand as a unique item, as a piece of clothing of its own, as a type of skirt. Even so, over the years, inspiration has been taken from these skirts in order to create new “poodle items”.


Here are some of the ones you can find or that you can create:

  • poodle t-shirt can be a fashion statement that all women can wear if they love the adorable black poodle on pink, but lack the courage to wear the skirt;


  • accessories with the poodle are probably the most frequent items that can be found on the market and you can be sure of the fact that you will visit find a lot of great models for all your outfits;


  • nail art themed with the famous poodle can be easily created. All you need is pink and black nail polish, as well as some thin pens with which to draw the poodle;


  • cake art is also possible when it comes to the poodle skirt. It is probably the most suitable cake style for the nostalgics or for those who love the fashion of the past;


These are some of the main adorable little items that you can have embellished with the famous poodle skirt model. If you cannot find what you like on the market, you can always resort to making your own creations. Regardless of what you are making, whether it is a shirt or a cake, all you need is a poodle shape and you are all set, as the rest is rather simple. Get inspired and get your poodle skirt on any way you want it!

Wear Poodle Skirts and Bring Back the 50s

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Today’s society puts a lot of emphasis on looks and teaches us that the physical appearance is very important and has a powerful influence on every aspect of our lives. Women take this particularly serious and always try to look as good as possible. This automatically means being fashionable, since looks are all about what you wear on the outside. Fashion is one of the most developed industries in the world. While new designers and trends appear every day, the recent years have shown a “return to tradition” trend that more and more women are approaching. If you are appealed by the 1950s and you want to dress like women used to those days, then you must wear poodle skirts.

Following World War II, fashion was characterized by the resurgence of haute couture. Since the austerity of the war years was over, women started to dress in a more feminine way and leave square shoulders and short skirts behind. These clothing items were replaced by the soft femininity of the New Look silhouette created by the legendary Christian Dior, which was characterized by sweeping longer skirts, fitted waist, and rounded shoulders. This is how the poodle skirt grew in popularity. The skirt was created by Juli Lynne Charlot and was a big hit in the 1950s in the United States. This type of skirt is actually a wide swing felt skirt of a solid bold color displaying a design appliquéd or transferred to the fabric. As the most common design was a coiffed French poodle, this is how the skirt got its name. Other designs included flamingos, hot rod cars, and flowers.

The poodle skirt shortly became a hit and is still considered to be one of the most memorable symbols of the 1950s Americana. Movie stars and celebrities were constantly seen wearing poodle skirts, which were also featured in numerous magazines and ads. Nowadays, the skirt is frequently worn as a novelty retro item. If you are passionate or nostalgic about the 50s and you want to bring them back, then you should definitely wear poodle skirts. Luckily, a similar design of these skirts has been brought back to the designers’ attention and has become quite popular in the recent years. The new skirt models are very similar to the classic one, the only difference being that the modern model is shorter in length. If you want to recreate an outfit from the 50s, then wearing a poodle skirt is an excellent idea.