Christian Dior

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Christian Dior is without a doubt the most influential fashion design of the 1950s. Actually, Dior dominated the fashion industry for decades, completely transforming the way fashion was seen, following World War II. Dior is the most influential fashion designer of the period, remaining for years one of the most famous and appreciated designers in the world.


Christian Dior was born in 1905, in Granville, France. He had five siblings. His father was a wealthy manufacturer, so the family lived in a beautiful home with spectacular views over the sea. The whole Dior family moved to Paris when Christian was only 5 years old.

Since his childhood Christian dreamed of becoming an architect. However, at the insistences of his father, the teenager decided to attend the prestigious Ecole des Sciences Politiques. While his parents hoped that Christian will have a successful career in politics, as a diplomat, he knew that what he wanted was to open an art gallery. His father supported this dream and so Christian opened Galerie Jacques Bonjean, which featured paintings by Picasso, Cocteau and Max Jacob.


Unfortunately, in 1931 the gallery closed as a consequence of the financial collapse of the family. The following years, Christian Dior survived by selling fashion sketches to major houses. He was then hired by Robert Piquet. During World War II, Dior was offered a job with Lucien Lelong, who dressed the wives of Nazi collaborators.

At the end of the War, Dior met Marcel Boussac and started to promote a new fashion style. The famous designer believed that the world was ready for a completely new fashion style after the War. Boussac launched the new fashion house, following Dior’s own style. His first show took place on 12 February, 1947, being an impressive success.


In his collection, Christian Dior included luxurious clothes with waspy waists and full flowing skirts. Dior was perfectly right to believe that people wanted a new approach when it comes to clothing after the War. In his new style, the famous designer brought femininity, elegance and beauty.


Soon Dior put Paris back on the fashion map. He started to create dresses and outfits for famous women, including Rita Hayworth and Margot Fonteyn. He slowly built his fashion empire, managing to compete with important names in the industry.

Throughout the 1950s, Christian Dior has been the biggest and the best haute couture house in Paris. He held two fashions shows a year, during which he presented more than 200 outfits.

Christian Dior died in 1957 of a heart attack after choking on a fish bone at dinner. Dior died in Italy, but the famous fashion designer was buried in Paris. Even though the popular designer died, his fame, as well as his fashion empire continues to exist. The first collection released after Dior’s death was a huge sensation. The collection was designed in only 21 weeks by Yves Saint Laurent.

With a very interesting life and a unique legacy, Dior is one of the most appreciated fashion designers in the world. The fashion empire he created continues to dress some of the most famous names in Hollywood, but not only.

Below you can find a photo gallery of some of the most impressive clothing pieces created by Dior fashion house throughout the years.

Christian Dior clothing

Christian Dior 2007 collection

Christian Dior 2009 collection

Christian Dior 2010 collection

Christian Dior Spring Collection 2011