Facts About Fashion In The 1950s

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Nowadays, fashion is an important part of the society. The way you dress, what you choose to wear and how you combine clothing items and accessories is absolutely crucial. Well, in the 1950s how people dressed was believed to be a reflection of their prosperity and aspirations.

The 1950s was an important period in the evolution of the fashion industry. This is the first time in history when fashion actually starts to matter. A new culture, a new style and emancipation best describe this era. The end of the war actually represented a change in perception when it comes to fashion.

After World War II a series of fashion houses opened in numerous locations throughout the world. For instance, Christian Dior fashion house opened now. Dior has been of the most influential fashion empires during this period.


Women’s fashion

Women’s fashion knew an important revival in the 1950s. Now, the feminine fragility is idealized, being best reflected through clothing. Women’s clothing during this period includes flowing skirts, jewel necklines, pastel or sherbet tones, but also body fitted clothing, soft shoulders and vivid colors. Tailored jackets, shirtdresses, corsets and bodices, as well as poodle skirts become extremely popular in women’s fashion in the 1950s.


Men’s fashion

Men’s fashion also knew a revival in the 1950s. However, it was still conservative, the businessman look becoming extremely popular during this period. The unwaisted, single-breasted suit in navy, brown or charcoal grey was worn with white collared shirt. Men’s sportswear becomes popular in the 1950s, as well.


Teen Style

An important fact that should be mentioned when referring to fashion in the 1950s is that now a new consumer market appears: the teenagers. Numerous clothing items are designed for teens, including the popular jeans, jackets and boots. Tight pants, sweaters and cardigans become extremely popular in the 1950s, as well.

Fashion in the 1950s is also characterized by the use of numerous accessories. Everything is feminine and glamorous now. Clothing items are popularized in magazine, movies and television, must-haves being launched when it comes to both male and female fashion.