Special Outfits For Girls

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When we think that fashion trends are forgotten, suddenly they come back when we expect less. From poodle skirts to hippie dresses, fashion of this century still keeps many older popular styles. Poodle skirts are popular again and they can be worn again combined with more modern accessories. Nonetheless, their charm is amazing.


Even girls love them. The fact they wear them it’s important because they have the opportunity to know more about the fashion trends that were in the past. These skirts are great for Halloween parties, as well as any other event. To create a great and retro outfit for your girl, you’ll need the following items:

  • Kid’s Cateye Glasses – fit most children 0-4 years, choose from black or light pink
  • Cinch Belt for the Little Ones- 2″ black elastic cinch belt with silver buckle in XXS 16-20″ waist or XS 20- 24″ waist
  • Children’s 50’s Poodle Skirt – Made of high quality acrylic felt for a more authentic 50’s look, with waist that fits, length is 11″

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  • Little Crinoline Petticoat Slip – waist fits 18-23″ length is 13″, choose from white, black, or pink
  • Small Chiffon Scarf – choose from black, light pink, or hot pink
  • Young Tike’s Bobby Socks – Poodle applique’s on white socks. Fit toddler shoe size 6-10 1/2. – Choose from black or light pink poodles
  • White Polo Shirt for Kiddies- Available in 3 baby/toddler sizes: 12 mo ONESIE, 2T or 4T


You can buy a poodle skirt at the Internet’s lowest prices. There is a wide variety of colours and sizes, so you’ll certainly find one skirt for your daughter and she’ll like it a lot.