The Popularity Of Poodle Skirts

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The poodle skirt is one of the main icons of the 1950s. These clothing items are fashionable, beautiful and really spectacular. Actually, 1950s fashion has brought numerous impressive changes.


Women fashion in the 1950s

In the 1950s women fashion has known quite an impressive revival. Fashion began to be characterized by tailored clothing, simple prints and the famous hourglass figure. This is the period of time when women are proud with their looks and figure, as well as with their style. Style becomes visible through clothing and accessories, which create unique looks.

Dresses were the most common items of clothing for girls in the 1950s. They were body fitted, available in bright colors and with simple prints. Some of the most popular colors during this period have been cherry red, navy, kelly green and sunny yellow. However, dresses were not the only popular clothing item for women. Skirts were also considered to be very fashionable. And poodle skirts were the trendiest ones.

In fact, the poodle skirt is considered to be the most iconic symbol of the 1950s fashion. During that time, most women owned at least one poodle skirt. Most commonly they came in bright pink and white. However, poodle skirts were also available in many other bright colors. The poodle applique was believed to be the perfect accessory.


The poodle skirt

The poodle skirt was mostly popular among young women. This clothing item was believed to be more suitable for teenage girls, but young women wore it, too. The popularity of the poodle skirt increased along with the newest musical style, naturally rock’n roll. The design of this skirt made it ideal for dancing to this music. Consequently, it became a must have among young women.

The first poodle skirt was designed in 1947 by a young actress turned into a successful fashion designer, Juli Lynne Charlot. The skirt was designed by Juli to be worn at a Hollywood party. Well, the project was so successful that Juli decided to launch an entire fashion collection inspired by it.


The poodle skirt was very simple to create by young girls at home, this aspect bringing an important contribution to increasing its popularity. Making your own poodle skirt is still simple. Even though there have passed more than 50 years since the poodle skirt trend was first launched, these models are still popular. Make your own poodle skirt and you will surely be pleased.